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Inspired by my Ukrainian roots, influenced by my Canadian heritage, the Natalie's Kitchen menu is a testimony to our philosophy : "Inspired in Ukraine, Made in Canada". We believe that a few high-quality ingredients, prepared with homemade care create the best results.


We use traditional Ukrainian techniques to create dishes with modern appeal, the result is Ukrainian inspired combinations that are comfortingly familiar and yet distinctly unique. I grew up in a Canadian Ukrainian home with a mother who was a great cook. Her own mother who emigrated to Canada made a mean pizza from scratch. She wasn't afraid to experiment and try new things.


Our parents taught us both a love for our Ukrainian roots and our Canadian home. Ours was a family that celebrated 2 Christmases, 2 New Year’s Eves, and 2 Easters. How lucky were we. Through Natalie's Kitchen I continue our family tradition of joy through food. 

Looking forward to serve all your catering needs!

- Julie Hladun, Owner.



The mom and passionate entrepreneur successfully leads a team of talented chefs who create Natalie's Kitchen famous signature homemade dishes. Every item is made from scratch following the traditional delicious recipes.

Julie believes that nothing beats a tasty fresh meal made with top quality ingredients. 

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